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Lecture Series: Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities, Risks, Challenges

Organized by Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn, HHU, Institute of Philosophy

Bürgeruniversität, DIID, and HeiCAD support this lecture series, which targets a broad audience at the Haus der Universität.

January 8, 2020: Prof. Dr. Vincent Müller (TU Eindhoven, Philosophy) - Does Artificial Intelligence Really Exist?

January 30, 2020: Prof. Dr. Jochen Steil (TU Braunschweig, Robotics) - Learning Robots: Science or Fiction?

February 17, 2020: Dr. Florian Stoffel (polianalytics, Konstanz) - Opportunities and Risks of Automated Pattern Recognition and its Applications

February 27, 2020: Prof. Dr. Felix Bode (FHöV NRW, Duisburg) - Predictive Policing - Limits and Possibilities of Police Forecasting Instruments

March 4, 2020: Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn (HHU, Philosophy) - Artificial Intelligence - Challenges for the Attribution of Responsibility

March 24, 2020: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Attenberger (UK Bonn, Radiological Clinic) - AI in the Imaging Diagnosis of Diseases: Status Quo, Opportunities, and Risks

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