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Gottfried Vosgerau


Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.98


Susanne Hahn

Assistant Director

Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.098


Managing Director

Benedict Kenyah-Damptey M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.91
+49 211 81-11609

Photo of Frank Dietrich
Prof. Dr. Frank Dietrich
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.91

Photo of Simone Dietz
Prof. Dr. Simone Dietz
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.92

Photo of Eva Kellner
Dr. Eva Kellner
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.86

Photo of Jonathan Seim
Jonathan Seim M.A.
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 04.14

Photo of Laura Hartmann-Wackers
Laura Hartmann-Wackers M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.89

Photo of Johanna Beckering
Johanna Beckering

Photo of Amrei Bahr
Dr. Amrei Bahr

Photo of René Baston
Dr. René Baston

Photo of Katharina Erhardt
Prof. Dr. Katharina Erhardt
Building: 24.31
Floor/Room: 01.01

Photo of Julian Kettermann
Julian Kettermann

Photo of Nicolas Lindner
Dr. Nicolas Lindner

Photo of David Löwenstein
Dr. David Löwenstein
Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.26

Photo of Julia Mirkin
Julia Mirkin M.A.
Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.23

Photo of Nastasia Müller
Dr. Nastasia Müller
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.91

Photo of Richard Tristan Peters
Richard Tristan Peters

Photo of Julian Pöhling
Julian Pöhling M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.100

Photo of Markus Schrenk
Prof. Dr. Markus Schrenk
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.94

Photo of Anna Schriefl© Lena Ganssmann
Prof. Dr. Anna Schriefl
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.90

Photo of Marion Seiche
Marion Seiche M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.85

Photo of Adis Selimi
Adis Selimi M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.94

Photo of Steffi Shadow
Dr. Steffi Shadow
Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.28

Photo of Ulf Tranow
Prof. Dr. Ulf Tranow
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 03.05

Photo of Lea-Marie Weitz
Lea-Marie Weitz

Dr. Joachim Wündisch
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.89

Photo of Julia Zakkou
Prof. Dr. Julia Zakkou
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.96

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