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Gottfried Vosgerau


Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.98


Susanne Hahn

Assistant Director

Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.098


Managing Director

Benedict Kenyah-Damptey M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.91
+49 211 81-11609

Photo of Frank Dietrich
Prof. Dr. Frank Dietrich
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.91

Photo of Simone Dietz
Prof. Dr. Simone Dietz
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.92

Photo of Eva Kellner
Dr. Eva Kellner
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.86

Photo of Jonathan Seim
Jonathan Seim M.A.
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 04.14

Photo of Laura Hartmann-Wackers
Laura Hartmann-Wackers M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.89

Dr. Joachim Wündisch
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.89

Photo of Johanna Beckering
Johanna Beckering

Photo of Amrei Bahr
Dr. Amrei Bahr

Photo of René Baston
Dr. René Baston

Photo of Nicolas Lindner
Dr. Nicolas Lindner

Photo of Julia Mirkin
Julia Mirkin M.A.
Building: 24.52
Floor/Room: 01.23

Photo of Julian Pöhling
Julian Pöhling M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.100

Photo of Markus Schrenk
Prof. Dr. Markus Schrenk
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 01.94

Photo of Adis Selimi
Adis Selimi M.A.
Building: 24.53
Floor/Room: 00.94

Photo of Ulf Tranow
Prof. Dr. Ulf Tranow
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 03.05

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