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On the Concept of Transparency in the Context of AI

Professor Dr. Susanne Hahn, along with Uta Brittner, M.A. (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), and Professor Dr. Heiner Fangerau (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), will be conducting a workshop at CAIS (Bochum) on March 9 and 10, 2023, titled "From the Black Box to the Transparent Algorithm? An Approach to the Demand for Transparency in AI."

Transparency is a concept currently universally viewed in a positive light; what is transparent is clear, understandable, publicly accessible, and comprehensible. From architectural designs to actions in political spheres, transparency is considered a positive characteristic and is regarded as the opposite of secrecy and inaccessibility. In the context of artificial intelligence usage, transparency has become a criterion that algorithms should meet to address questions of responsibility and liability attribution.

In this interdisciplinary workshop, the aim is to explore the role of transparency as a manageable criterion from historical, technical, legal, technology-philosophical, and ethical perspectives.

The first part seeks to provide a broad perspective on transparency and compare it with the application-oriented demand to ensure the transparency of algorithms for legal assessment.

The second part, taking a more technical perspective, will address possible interpretations of transparency in the context of so-called "black box algorithms." From the standpoint of technology assessment, fundamental questions about the feasibility of the transparency demand and potential consequences will be raised.

The third part will focus on medicine as an illustrative application area. It will explore what transparency means in the application of technology in medical practices and the role it plays in gaining acceptance from both patients and medical personnel. The insights drawn from this exploration will inform the demand for the establishment of transparency.

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