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Open Science and Communication

By Prof. Gottfried Vosgerau and Prof. Michael Schmitt

Open science bears an additional value for both sides: The public takes part in the process of knowledge acquisition, thus enhancing the understanding of scientific methods and (re)gaining confidence in scientific work in general. Science on the other side benefits from a joint agenda setting with the addressees of the innovations to be developed. Since the outcomes of the proposed projects may have a broad impact on questions of feedstock and livestock production, they are of vital interest to the common public and should thus be developed in close cooperation with civil society.

At HHU the exchange between society and science is brought to an institutional basis in the Citizens’ University (“Bürgeruniversität”). On this basis, ACCeSS will strengthen the dialogue between researchers and citizens with two aims: Citizen Science (CS) and Science Communication (SC). CS will generate decisive input to answer key questions of ACCeSS that go beyond technical/scientific considerations. SC is critical in dealing with and refuting ubiquitous fake news, alternative facts, and even threats against scientists. Both aims will be reached by organizing regular public events in close collaboration with ACCeSS colleagues from different disciplines.